Privacy Policy


Your privacy is important to the practice and I wish to communicate how your personal information will be managed in terms of the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 as well as the Health Professional Council of South Africa (HPCSA) guidelines.

Below is information about how your personal information may be collected and processed by the practice of Cheryl Sol Clinical Psychologist.

The practice is required by legislation governing the profession to collect and maintain specific personal information. Should the required information not be provided, the psychologist will be unable to render the required services.

Your personal information has been given to the practice for one or more of the following purposes:-

  • To adhere to administrative requirements of the practice. 

  • To continually assess and manage your treatment. The psychologist needs to collect and process the following information about you including, but not limited to session records/notes and communication/correspondence that is required to provide psychotherapy services.

  • For retention of records as required by law

  • To facilitate the collection of fees for the services provided.

Your information will only be used for the purposes for which it was collected.

When you contact the practice by social medial, email or telephone, we collect the information included in your message and use it to communicate with you. The practice will on an ongoing basis review security controls and related processes to ensure that your personal information remains secure.

Any personal information is destroyed in accordance with the legislation and procedures provided for the profession by the HPCSA.

Any third parties or service provide such as accountants, IT service providers are required to sign a detailed privacy agreement and are governed by the same legislation relating to protection of personal information.

Your consent is required for the practice to release your personal information to your medical aid scheme, partners and their administrators and selected health providers involved in your health care. Specific consent will be obtained in the case of healthcare providers detailing the reason for the contact. 

In case of life- threatening emergencies, the psychologist may contact the emergency person or GP listed on the personal information form you have completed. Such emergency contact person must give their permission that their name and contact details can be provided.

The practice will adhere to the compliance protocols on the storage of personal information. You acknowledge and understand that the data may be stored on third party servers that are seen to be safe and compliant and understand that the practice cannot guarantee that any such methods of storage are completely safe.

The psychologist will communicate via email, SMS, WhatsApp on the numbers provided by you. You have the right to opt out of any future electronic communication in writing.

You have the right to request what personal information the practice has about you. Any access to this would have to follow the fees and protocols involved.

You undertake to update the practice on any changes to your personal information.


You have the right to withdraw consent on any of the above clauses in future, with the understanding that it might impact on your ability to receive healthcare services from the psychologist if it contradicts any existing legislation governing the psychology practice.


The responsibility for compliance with the POPI Act lies with the registered Information Office for this practice Ms Cheryl Sol who can be contacted via email on