This is the first volume in a series of books called the Success Series on important topical areas working with challenging children. The series begins at the beginning of life with attachment. No single issue determines the direction of a child’s life as much as the ability to bond with others. Life itself depends upon the ability of a baby to connect with a source of safety, nourishment, and emotional support.


But many children do not find the world they are born into a place where their basic needs are met, and they form barriers to connection that can be life-long impediments to success and happiness. This book describes in technical as well as practical terms what can go wrong in the development of attachment in children, and what to do about it. Helping a child to bond and attach to others, despite the vulnerability this entails, may be the single most important step any parent or professional can take to improve the life of a child.

“Attachment and the ability to develop profoundly significant connections with others is a prerequisite to success in life.” Dave Ziegler, Achieving Success with Impossible Children.